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Social documentary photographer

He was recently invited to integrate LENS CULTURE portfolio, which select projects around the world to be managed and displayed.

His very first work was a documentary of the people who live in an Brazilian island called Fernando de Noronha. In the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, Bruno Bravo was interested not in the Tourism issues but in the profound traditional activities of the oldest people in that place. The result was the struggle of fishers and shepherds to keep their activities.

"Till the day she leave home"

He has been involved into a deeply sensitive work, photographing his 5 year-old daughter in a project called Till the day she leave home. He has done it since she even hadn't already born and he will keep doing it till the day she leave home. He wants to interpret her attitude before the whole world, her frustrations, her fears, her love, the way she starts to fit the world.

He also is documenting the indigenous people in Amazon Forest, so that he can understand their new situations among Brazilian society.

He has began to photograph in newspapers and now works as an independent documentary photographer.

Some of his works were selected to the Temporary Collection of The Center For Fine Art Photography, Colorado / USA. He has also been represented by another gallery U.S.: Artists Haven Gallery, Florida.

Among awards and nominations, Bruno had a photograph selected in Charles Dodgson 2018 Awards, which is part of The World Through my Eyes exhibition in Valid Foto Galería, in Barcelona/Spain, in April 2018. Part of his work is also selected to 5th Biennial of Fine Arte and Documentary Photography exhibition, in October 2018, also in Barcelona, Spain.

He was awarded the SESC Marc Ferrèz in Brazil and has participated in several solo and group exhibitions. In February 2012 was quoted in the magazine Photo Magazine, as featured Exposure Portraits, held in the main gallery of The Center For Fine Art Photography, USA.

Bruno Bravo engages photography as a means of storytelling and understanding and interpretation of human complexity.